• Precipitation Gauge - Northern Canada

    T-200B Series Precipitation Gauge at mining operation in northern Canada.

  • Pump-Storage Reservoir - Rocky Mountain, GA

    Using Piezometers, Inclinometers and settlement system to monitor performance of upper and lower reservoir with a Campbell Scientific, CR1000 data-logger.

  • Bridges Replacement - Las Vegas, NV.

    Monitoring vibrations, settlement of embankments, and tilt of piers during construction. Using Instantel Vibration monitors, RST Settlement profilers and MEMS In-place tiltmeters.

  • Amtrak Bridge - New London, CT.

    Pier stabilization by compaction grouting. Compaction Grout Monitor used to monitor flow, volume and pressure of grout being injected.

  • Precipitation Gauge - BC, Canada

    T-200B Series Precipitation Gauge in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. The remote site needs to be serviced by helicopter.

  • Vibration Monitoring - Newark, NJ

    Monitoring with the Instantel vibration monitor while driving piles for buildings in the new Teachers Village - Newark, NJ.

  • Tilt/Vibration Monitoring - Belt Parkway NYC

    Measuring vibrations and tilt meters of the bridge piers during construction of a new, adjacent bridge utilizing Instantel vibration monitors and RST Tilt meters.

  • Precipitation Gauge - USCRN

    US Climate Reference Network (USCRN) with the T-200B Series Precipitation Gauge.

  • California Aqueduct - Palmdale, CA.

    Stabilizing the walls of an aqueduct in a location where it passes over the San Andreas fault utilizing a Permeation Grout Monitor.

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INSTANTEL VIBRATION MONITORS – As many of our customers prefer to rent, we have Instantel vibration and noise monitors available for short and long term rental.
For nearly 30 years GEONOR, Inc. has provided engineering expertise and technical support to help obtain useful cost-effective measurements.  Our services on projects include providing hands-on training, input on planning types of instrumentation and test equipment, logistics, and installation.

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