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Geonor Company Overview

In 1985, at the request of GEONOR A/S in Norway, GEONOR, Inc. was established to serve customers in the Americas (USA, Canada, and Latin America). The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) established GEONOR A/S in 1957, originally to manufacture NGI’s geotechnical instrumentation and test equipment. Over time, equipment from other sources have been incorporated into GEONOR’s line of products.

As a distributor we offer a high level of engineering support. We represent several other manufacturers: Lufft, RST Instruments, Instantel, and Campbell Scientific.

GEONOR A/S and GEONOR, Inc. market and sell products worldwide and have exported equipment to over 100 countries. The basic idea was that GEONOR would be responsible for the production and sale of equipment for geotechnical field and laboratory investigations developed at NGI, which had been established in 1953. Both NGI and GEONOR were established as part of Norway’s longstanding efforts to address the practical and technical problems of rebuilding after World War II.

GEONOR has been a pioneer in the development of geotechnical field equipment (vane testers and borers, soil sampling) geotechnical drilling rigs, geotechnical laboratory equipment, and in particular geotechnical and meteorological instrumentation based on vibrating-wire technology. Key partners in this development have been NGI, the Public Roads Administration and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Swedish geotechnical research.




We serve the Meteorological market with our T-200B Series all-weather precipitation gauges (designed for year round measurements of accumulated precipitation (solid or liquid) as well as precipitation intensity) and the SHM30 snow depth sensor from JENOPTIK.


Vibration Monitoring

We serve the vibration monitoring market with the INSTANTEL line of vibration & noise monitors for engineers, contractors, blasters, miners & property owners concerned about damage to adjacent structures.


Geotechnical Test instruments

GEONOR and selected manufacturers’ field & laboratory geotechnical test equipment to measure soil engineering parameters, principally soft clay strength by NGI’s field vane shear and lab fall cone apparatus.

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Geotechnical Field Instruments

GEONOR, R.S. Technical Instrument (RST) and other field instrumentation for monitoring geotechnical and structural performance of construction, excavations, slopes, dams, embankments, etc.


Our Partners include: