Laser Distance Meter

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The Laser Distance Meter is a portable device designed to measure distances from the device to a remote target point located up to 500 metres distant. This instrument is ideally suited to the precise monitoring of unstable slopes and remote locations.

The instrument consists of a portable precision laser distance meter which is mounted on either a stable structure or an anchored tripod base. A single target point is mounted up to 500 metres distant, to which the laser is aimed for distance measurements. The distance measurements between the two points are recorded by a connected datalogger unit at programmed intervals. The datalogger can be modified to include a radio modem which can be remotely accessed for real-time alarm and display.
Mounting tripod and target points are provided separately, as required. For larger sites, targets and lasers can share the same tripod to extend the range without limit.


  • Continuous remote monitoring of landslides and slope movement.



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