Digital Tilt Logger

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The Digital Tilt Logger is a low cost, battery powered data logger and tilt meter in a single, compact unit. It measures tilt in either one or two perpendicular axes in the plane of the base. The unit is intended to be permanently installed to provide long term observation with maximum resolution and sensitivity, and is conveniently designed for manual monitoring or remote data acquisition with RST’s rstar Array Radio Series which takes advantage of the latest wireless technology.

The Digital Tilt Logger consists of one or two MEMS tilt sensors, a battery supply, non-volatile memory, USB cable and Windows® host software. The tiltmeter may either be uniaxial or biaxial. The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X (IP-66) enclosure for environmental protection, and is typically bolted to the structure via mounting plate or bracket. The internal MEMS accelerometer is the same as used in the In-place MEMS Digital Tilt Meter models IC6554 and IC6654.


  • Data logging and tilt monitoring capabilities in a single, compact unit.
  • Compatible with RST’s rstar Array Radio Series: A wireless system using wireless technology to provide continuous data acquisition.
  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Uniaxial or biaxial sensors available.
  • Horizontal or vertical applications.
  • Cost effective and easy to install.
  • NEMA 4X (IP-66) weather-proof enclosure.
  • 4MB memory.
  • Battery powered for remote sites.
  • 100 year memory backup.
  • -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F) operating range.
  • 16 bit analog/digital converter.


  • Monitor and log tilt data from retaining and building walls.
  • Tilt of concrete dams.
  • Structural load testing.
  • Landslide monitoring.
  • Building safety along adjacent excavations.
  • Applications where the failure mode is expected to have a rotational component.
  • Observation of benches and berms in open pit mines.
  • Bridge pier monitoring.
  • Ground subsidence.


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