Inclinometer Casing – Anchor

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


Control of buoyancy is an important detail of inclinometer casing installation in vertical boreholes and ducts.

Buoyancy forces from water, and especially grout, may exert substantial uplift forces on casing prior to setting of the grout. The optimum location for restraint of this uplift force is at the bottom of the casing.

Inclinometer Casing Anchors are available for 70 mm and 85 mm casing in both the Snap Seal and Glue & Snap coupling styles. A grouting version of the anchor is also available which houses a connector for an internal tremie line directly inside the anchor itself. Magnetic targets may also be integrated into the anchor assembly.


  • Pilings.
  • Landslides & slope stability.
  • Subsidence control.
  • Embankment and dam stability.
  • Bridge pier, abutments deflection.
  • Slurry and tie back walls.



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