Inclinometer Casing – Telescopic

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


Telescopic Inclinometer Casing is mainly used in embankments that are gradually raised , such as embankment dams and tailings dams, and where the casing will be subject, either locally or along its full length, to large amounts of settlement, typically more than 1 %.

The Telescopic Inclinometer Casing is not recommended for use in boreholes where the entire string of casing sections is lowered all at once. For this latter situation, standard inclinometer casing (either Snap Seal or Glue and Snap) with telescopic sections should be preferred (see separate data sheet).

The internal guide grooves for the inclinometer probe are precision machined and provide effective control of spiral, straightness, groove shape & depth. Alignment is maintained by screws in the casing and longitudinal slots in the couplings. The couplings accommodate up to 150 mm (6 in.) of compression or extension. Optional settlement
flanges can also be attached to each casing section when it is installed incrementally in embankments. Heavy Duty Casing is also available by special order. Contact RST for details.


  • High precision, machined guide grooves.
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable standards.
  • Compatible with all commercial probe types and in-place inclinometer sensors.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Low temperature, impact and corrosion resistant ABS plastic.


  • Embankment settlement.
  • Landslides and slope stability.
  • Dam stability.
  • Subsidence control.
  • Pilings.
  • Bridge pier, abutments deflection.
  • Areas next to large excavations.


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