Subsurface Settlement / Heave Points

Borros Anchors SSB0003C


geonor_rst_borros_anchors_subsurface_settlement_heave_SSB0003CSettlement points with Borros type anchors are mechanical, single point devices used to monitor subsurface settlement or heave of ground. The system consists of a three pronged anchor, a 6 mm (¼ in.) steel inner pipe and a 25 mm (1 in.) steel outer pipe. Pipes are assembled using standard couplings. After installation, the outer pipe serves as a friction reducer, allowing the inner pipe to move freely. Measurement of the elevation of the top of the inner pipe is conducted using standard optical survey methods. Changes in surveyed elevation are equal to the movement of the anchor.


  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Low cost.
  • Uses locally sourced common steel riser pipe


  • As a datum for standard surface settlement plates negating the need for costly survey.
  • Settlement monitoring under fills, preloads, and embankments.
  • Bottom heave in excavations.
  • Settlement and rebound associated with tunneling.
  • Heave as a result of grouting.


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