Thermistor Strings

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


geonor_rst_thermistor_stringsRST Instruments manufactures thermistor string assemblies that are environmentally hardened to provide accurate and reliable long-term measurements under demanding geotechnical conditions.

The strings incorporate interchangeable, curve tracking, negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors. As the thermistors are curve matched to desired temperature tolerance over selected temperature ranges, this permits the use of multiple sensors with a single readout or data logger, eliminating costly calibration procedures.


  • High reliability, ensured by triple encapsulation.
  • Precision matched, interchangeable thermistors.
  • Pre-assembled to specific length and spacing.
  • Heavy duty, direct burial cable standard


RST thermistor strings are custom manufactured to user specifications: cable length, thermistor number, accuracy, and location on the string. Resistance to the ingress of water is insured by a triple encapsulation procedure. Standard cable
employed is a heavy duty, direct burial rated 22 gauge water blocked instrumentation cable.


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