Borehole Packer Accessories

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


geonor_rst_borehole_packer_accessoriesBorehole Packer Accessories are available for use with borehole applications. Items include: inflation regulators, lifting bails, stuffing boxes, seating cones, feed-through adapters, flow systems, water inflation system, portable inflation line reel, packer inflation systems and other numerous spare parts


  • Inflation Regulators are used to control inflation of the borehole packers. Two models are available: 0-350 psi and 0-1500 psi. Each regulator includes a quick connect (to attach packer inflation line) and a standard nitrogen bottle connector.
  • Stuffing Boxes provide a seal on the drill rods and against the wireline and inflation line. This allows water to be pumped down the drill rods under pressure
  • Feed-through Adapters allow instrument leads to be passed through the packers to pumps and other equipment in the zone below the packer.
  • Lifting Bails are used to raise and lower the packer assembly by utilizing the wireline. If a swivel wireline connection is already in place, a modif ied lifting bale, with threads matching to the swivel connector, is available
  • Seating Cones are used to set the packer assembly in place at the drill bit.


  • A Flow System is used to monitor and control water during downhole testing. Each flow system includes a flow meter, pressure gauge, shut-off valve, by-pass valve, connection hose, and aluminum frame.
  • The Water Inflation System is used to inflate borehole packers hydraulically. The pump is an air driven positive-displacement type. This is especially useful in high pressure applications.
  • The Portable Inflation Line Reel is a convenient and easy way of controlling inflation line during testing and storage. Each reel includes a quick connect for attaching to an inflation regulator and a connector to attach the inflation line to the packer.
  • A Packer Inflation System has all the features of an inflation regulator with the added convenience of all items being enclosed in a weatherproof Pelican case. A large dial gauge allows more precise control of inflation pressures.


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