CHM 15k Ceilometer “NIMBUS”

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


Jenoptik Ceilometer constructionThe “NIMBUS” series is the second generation of proven CHM 15k ceilometer measuring aerosol height profiles using the LIDAR technique. They determine cloud base heights, penetration depths, mixing layer height and vertical visibility. Within their operating range of up to 15 kilometers (50 000 feet), they reliably detect multiple cloud layers and cirrus clouds. The “NIMBUS” series is equipped with an integrated controller offering improved range resolution and a comfortable web interface


  • Great measuring range up to 15km (50k ft)
  • Enhanced multiple cloud layer detection
  • Simple and eye-safe routine operation
  • Service-friendly modular device setup
  • Various data telegrams, including raw data
  • GUI software for device control and display of measured backscatter data in NetCDF format


High optical sensitivity for exact results. Accurate results in day and nighttime are obtained by
  • a solid state laser source with long lifetime
  • small bandwidth fi lters
  • a highly sensitive photo receiver


View PDF Datasheet below. Some browsers do not support this function, you can download here Ceilometer CHM 15k Data Sheet