• Pump-Storage Reservoir - Rocky Mountain, GA

  • Bridges Replacement - Las Vegas, NV.

  • Amtrak Bridge - New London, CT.

  • Precipitation Gauge - BC, Canada

  • Vibration Monitoring - Newark, NJ

  • Tilt/Vibration Monitoring - Belt Parkway NYC

  • Precipitation Gauge - USCRN

  • California Aqueduct - Palmdale, CA.

Precision Instrumentation for Geophysical applications


Precipitation • Climate • Agriculture
Water Balance • Snow Pack • Reservoir Levels
Transportation • Hydropower • Mining

Geotechnical Test Equipment
& Field Instrumentation

 Vane Shear • Grout Monitors • Soil Investigation
Borehole Packers • Lab Testing • Soil Sampling
Inclinometers • Piezometers • Extensometers
Settlement • Load & Pressure • Temperature


Vibrations (PPV) • Overpressure
Pile Driving • Demolition • Blasting
Construction • Traffic

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For nearly 30 years GEONOR, Inc. has provided engineering expertise and technical support to help obtain useful cost-effective measurements.  Our services on projects include providing hands-on training, input on planning types of instrumentation and test equipment, logistics, and installation.
INSTANTEL VIBRATION MONITORS – As many of our customers prefer to rent, we have Instantel vibration and noise monitors available for short and long term rental.

T-200B Installation Guide


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