RSTAR L900 Wireless Data Acquisition for Geotechnical Instruments

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The RSTAR Array Radio Series uses wireless technology to provide automated data acquisition. A complete RSTAR L900 System uses L900 RSTAR Nodes at the sensor level, deployed in a star topology from a continuously active L900 RSTAR Hub, which consists of an L900 RTU interfaced to a FlexDAQ Data Logger. The RSTAR Array Radio Series is based on the 900 MHZ, 868 MHz, and 2.4 GHz spread spectrum band (country dependent) with extensive open-country range through use of simple dipole or directional antennae.

Power requirements for a single RSTAR L900 node is one lithium standard cell. The FlexDAQ can be powered by a solar panel, batteries, or AC power.

Quick Specs

  • Fully compatible with RST “DT Series” Data Loggers.
  • Excellent Hub – Node range (up to 14 km in open country).
  • Ultra-low quiescent power. RSTAR Nodes powered by a single lithium cell which provides years of battery life.
  • Simple star routing – no mesh overhead.


  • A wireless data collection system to quickly get you connected to your data.



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