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Vibrating Wire Crack Meters

geonor_rst_Crack_MetersCrack Meters are designed to measure movement across surface cracks and joints. Crack Meters are available in 3 versions: 3-D Crack Meters, Vibrating Wire Crack Meters and Electrical Crack Meters.

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Flexible Rod Extensometer

geonor_rst_Flexible_Rod_ExtensometerFlexible Rod Extensometers are a low cost, convenient instrument for the monitoring of ground displacements. Designed to withstand severe field conditions and accommodate transverse shear.

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Borehole Extensometer

geonor_rst_Rod_type_Multiple_Point_Borehole_ExtensometerMultiple Point Borehole Extensometers measure the stability and movement behavior of soil and rock masses.

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Soil Extensometer

geonor_rst_Soil_ExtensometerThe RST Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer is developed to monitor lateral and longitudinal deformation of soil and different types of embankments and embankment dams.

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Tape Extensometer

geonor_rst_Tape_ExtensometerThe RST Tape Extensometer is a portable device, designed to measure the relative distance between reference anchors fixed to the excavation or structure.

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Tell Tale Crack Meters

geonor_rst_Tell_Tale_Crack_MonitorsTell Tale Crack Monitors measure displacement (out of plane) and movement across a crack.

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