Digital Inclinometer System

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The Digital MEMS Inclinometer System from RST Instruments represents a major advance in the evolution of inclinometer systems. By utilizing cutting edge MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology, users will be well-equipped with unmatched precision, high thermal stability and rugged durability when compared to older technologies. In addition, an internal 24 bit A/D converter provides digital data return for superb resolution, noise immunity and overall system accuracy that competing inclinometers cannot offer.

The Ultra-Rugged Field PC functions as the data collector. It provides a high-level user interface, industry-leading memory, optional Flash data security, “at-the-borehole” data analysis and comparison to previous data sets, and instant USB synchronization with office computers.


  • The shortest overall length available for a given base length allows the RST Digital Inclinometer to traverse a smaller radius bend than all other inclinometers.
  • A local microcontroller in the probe manages data collection, applies precision digital calibration, and provides a fast settling time which results in very efficient data collection.
  • Calibration of the inclinometer is not affected by the cable system and readout unit.
  • Any RST digital inclinometer probe can be used with any approved readout with no additional calibration.
  • No-slip, swaged cable marks and casing collar cable grip eliminate the need for a heavy pulley assembly.


  • The Ultra-Rugged Field PC is rock solid and field ready for the most extreme environments. Wireless communication between the inclinometer control cable and the Ultra-Rugged Field PC ensures ease of use and reliability since there is no longer any concern with fragile connectors, cable related failure and reliability problems.


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