Tilt Beam

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


MEMS Tilt Beams measure differential movements in structures and consist of a MEMS sensor mounted on a rigid, fibreglass beam. The beam is mounted on anchor bolts set into the structure. They can be installed on any structure by joining together lengths of beams and are extremely accurate in generating movement profiles over long distances. Readings are taken with a manual readout (requiring access to each sensor) or with a datalogger at a remote monitoring station. Site specific, near-real time monitoring software is available.


  • Simple construction with no moving parts to damage.
  • Convenient to install on any structure and easy to use.
  • Beams can be linked together to provide detailed movement data over long distances.
  • Analog, digital and frequency outputs available.
  • Easily adaptable to datalogging.
  • Integral temperature sensor.
  • Fibreglass composite beams minimize thermal effects.


  • Monitoring the effects of tunneling and excavating on nearby buildings and other structures.
  • Monitoring the movement of tunnel walls and railway tracks.
  • Monitoring the stability of structures where slope instability is occurring.
  • Monitoring the deflection of bridges and beams under load.


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