Track Monitoring System

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The Track Monitoring System is intended for monitoring settlement and twist of railroad tracks which may be affected by nearby construction activity, such as tunnelling or adjacent excavation, or which are located near hazardous zones such as potential washout or landslide areas.

The Track Monitoring System consists of bussed settlement sensors mounted longitudinally along the track alignment, typically with a mount spacing of 2 or 3 meters and one, or several, track twist sensors mounted perpendicularly to the settlement sensors. The settlement and twist sensors are based on the same MEMS devices used in the MEMS Tilt & Inclination Series of products from RST Instruments. These sensors are fully compatible with flexDAQ dataloggers and the GeoViewer data display and management software.


  • High accuracy MEMS digital tilt sensors.
  • Single cable digital bus system.
  • String of settlement sensor can be as long as required.
  • Available for wooden tie and concrete tie systems.
  • Easily adaptable to datalogging (FlexDAQ dataloggers).
  • Data can be viewed in near-real time in the GeoViewer software.


  • Railroad track monitoring in construction zones.
  • Railroad track monitoring in geologically unstable areas (prone to washout, landslide, etc.)


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