Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


RST’s Push-in Standpipe Piezometer consists of four simple parts that are designed for extremely quick and easy field assembly. The stainless steel drive-point tip contains a porous plastic filter element that only allows water to pass through and prevents soil particles from entering its hollow cavity. A protective steel tube threads on to the base of the drive-point and houses the PVC pipe and adapter that are inserted from the top opening and pushed into the opening base of the drive-point tip at the bottom of the assembly. The PVC pipe acts as the entry path for the water level meter and also prevents any rust or extraneous particles from entering into water collected from the porous filter from the drive-point tip.

A coupling (not shown) is also used for extended connections for longer depths.


  • Low cost NPT steel drive pipe.
  • Inner PVC pipe allows for water sampling and head measurement.
  • Polyethylene or Teflon® lined tubing available for high quality samples.
  • Can be modified for soil vapor sampling.


  • Push-in piezometer for soft clays, organic and fine grained cohesionless soils.
  • Slope stability investigation and leachate extraction.
  • Groundwater sampling, monitoring, dewatering and drainage operations.


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