M-206 Hydraulic Piezometer

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The piezometer point manufactured by GEONOR AS is of simple and robust design and is quickly and easily installed.

The point is pressed or driven into the ground, without preboring, so that leakage along the outside of the extension rod is avoided. Because of the small cross-section of the piezometer-tube and the relatively large filter area, it has a very small time lag, satisfactorily small for most practical applications. The equipment is generally used as an open system with a plastic piezometer-tubing.

The piezometer consists of a hollow stem in the lower end on which it is screwed a conical point. Three sintered bronze filters are mounted on the stem. Chamfered brass rings are employed as support and sealing for the filters. The top of the filter stein is provided with external E-rod threads for connection to the external rods.

For the piezometer-tube itself 1/4″ id plastic tubing is normally used. The plastic tubing is screwed inside the top of the piezometer stem and sealed by a rubber 0-ring which is compressed by a gland nut. The plastic tubing can be lengthened by use of special connections. Geonor can supply special threading tools to simplify the installation.

The water level in the piezometer tubing is measured with the help of a special adapted dip meter. The dip meter has a very thin and stiff wire with an external Teflon jacket. When the dip meter reaches the water level an acoustic sound is heard, For pressures exceeding atmospheric pressure a Bourdon gauge can be fitted. The system is suited for depths down to 40 m.


  • Installation in soft or loose soils by “push-in” penetration
  • Large filter area
  • Small internal diameter
  • Short response time


  • Can be used for water insertion
  • Can be galvanically isolated from drill rods using non-metallic adapter
  • Self sealing (same 32-mm diameter as E-rods)


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