M-610 Piezometer

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


The Geonor M-610 series are vibrating wire piezometers used for direct burial in embankments and earth/rockfill dams, for placement in boreholes, and for water level monitoring in open wells, tanks, and open bodies of water.

As all other Geonor vibrating wire piezometers, the M-610 series offers the highest level of safety for continuous pore pressure measurements. Constantly improved since it was first designed and produced by Geonor in 1963, it is still a leader regarding long-term stability and relia¬bility. Accuracies better than 0,5% of full scale have in effect been fully documented in over 25 year-long performance surveys carried out by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI). Original technical solutions combined with non¬stop innovation are the essence of the Geonor piezometer’s performance.

An example is the unique Geonor twin-magnet system which gives both faster and more consistant readings than “pluck and read” vibrating wire piezometer. No accuracy loss due to noise-sensitive analog voltage signals. Capable of recording signals with cable lengths of up to 1000 m.


  • For direct embedment in earth/rockfill dams, embankments and other underground applications
  • For placement in boreholes, tanks and for water level monitoring in open bodies of water
  • Proven long-term stability in harsh underground environments


  • Open standpipe sensor
  • Stainless steel housing (other alloys available)
  • Easy-to-digitize frequency signals
  • Built-in temperature sensor available in the M-610A version


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