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Liquid Settlement System

geonor_rst_liquid_settlement_system_SSB0005LThe VWSP105 Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System is developed to monitor settlement or heave in soils and different types of man-made structures such as embankments, and earth and rock-fill dams.

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Magnetic Settlement System

geonor_rst_magnetic_settlement_system_SSB0001JThe Magnetic Settlement System monitors either heave or settlement in soil and rock. Installation may be either as a single purpose device to monitor settlement/heave only, or in conjunction with RST flush-coupled inclinometer casing to obtain both vertical and horizontal deformation data from a single installation. The system is simple, accurate, and has proven long term reliability at low cost.

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Settlement Plate

geonor_rst_settlement_plate_SSB0010ARST Embankment Settlement Systems provide simple means of measuring settlement under an embankment.

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