Magnetic Settlement Systems

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation


geonor_rst_magnetic_settlement_system_SSB0001JMagnetic Settlement Systems are a portable system to monitor either heave or settlement in soil and rock. Installation may be either as a single purpose device to monitor settlement/heave only, or in conjunction with RST flush-coupled inclinometer casing to obtain both vertical and horizontal deformation data from a single installation. The system is simple, accurate, and has proven long term reliability at low cost.

Installations are typically vertical, however, horizontal applications may be accommodated utilizing installation rods to insert the probe.


  • Simple, yet accurate principle of operation.
  • Low cost.
  • High performance ceramic magnets.
  • Flush OD, O-ring sealed telescopic sections for access tube or inclinometer casing.
  • High accuracy, non-stretch tape.
  • Simple, mechanically released spider magnets without the necessity for pneumatic cutters.
  • Compatible with RST inclinometer casing.
  • Integral electrical cable and survey chain.


  • Monitor settlement or heave associated with construction, mining, and tunneling.
  • When used around inclinometer casing, deformation in the third axis can be monitored.
  • Subsidence monitoring.
  • Displacement of retaining walls, piers, and abutments.
  • Bottom heave of excavations.
  • Relaxations of rock around tunnel openings.
  • Foundation settlement monitoring.
  • Embankments and fills.


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