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H-10 Field Vane Shear Apparatus

geonor_h10_field_Shear_Vane_BorerDetailed field investigation of undrained shear strength and sensitivity of soft and medium stiff clays. From 0-30 meters by hand jack, even through hard layers of clay, sand or silt. Two vane sizes: Measurements from 0-60 kPa & 0-100 kPa. Top-level accuracy, results can be used for the design of earth fill foundations and embankments. Complies with ASTM standard

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H-70 Field Inspection Vane Tester

geonor_H70Preliminary field investigation of undrained shear strength of soft to medium stiff clays. Geonor 180 degree slip-coupling system gives a better evaluation of rod-soil friction. Direct penetration to 10 meters without need for pre-boring. Two vane sizes: Measurement range from 0 to 80 kPa & 0-60 kPa.

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H-60 Hand-Held Vane Tester

geonor_H60Preliminary field investigation of undrained shear strength of soft to stiff clays. Quick and easy to use, low weight. Direct manual boring down to 3 meters Three vane sizes: Measurements from 0-200 kPa. Total weight: 3,10 kg

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Borehole Packers

geonor_rst_borehole_packersBorehole Packers are suitable for a wide variety of applications in open or cased holes. Uses include permeability testing, monitor well sampling, packer piezometers, hydro-fracturing of formations, sealing artesian flows in open or cased boreholes and pressure grouting.

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K-100 & K-200 Soil Sampler

geonor-k100The most commonly used samplers in Norway are the Geonor Thin Wall, Stationary Piston Samplers, K-100 and K-200. These are of high quality and designed for both undisturbed and agitated (representative) samples. Samplers are available for various sample diameters and for use in different soils. For sample analysis, see the Geonor laboratory equipment.

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