Borehole Packers

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geonor_rst_borehole_packersRST Instruments Borehole Packers are pneumatically or hydraulically inflatable packers that incorporate one fixed and one sliding head attached to a center shaft. This sliding head allows the packer gland to retract about the center shaft as it inflates. The packer heads are constructed of either plated steel or aluminum while the shaft is polished stainless steel or aluminum. The packer gland consists of a rubber membrane reinforced with either polyester fabric or steel. Packers made from steel heads, stainless steel shaft and a steel reinforced gland are suitable for medium pressure applications, while packers made from aluminum heads, aluminum shaft and a polyester reinforced gland are suitable for low pressure applications.

Operating Principle

RST Borehole Packers are suitable for monitor well sampling, zone testing and monitoring, permeability testing, hydrofracturing of formations, pressure grouting, and sealing off artesian flows in open and cased holes.

One packer in an open borehole or well screen isolates a zone from the packer to the bottom of the well. This allows water to be pumped under pressure to below the packer for permeability testing or hydrofracturing, and allows samples to be taken or pressure to be monitored in the zone below the packer.

Two packers, separated by a specified length of perforated spacer pipe, can be used to test a zone or formation at a specific depth. By using two packers, only the zone between the packers is affected. Two packers can also be used with a wireline system. Water can be pumped down the drill rods for zone testing below the second packer, eliminating the need to pull the rods for each test, therefore minimizing in-hole disturbance and costly redrilling.

Multiple packers can be combined for testing and monitoring an unlimited number of zones. By utilizing multiple packer setups in several boreholes, horizontal and vertical extents of groundwater contamination can be investigated. All packers in a multiple set up are identical, maximizing inter-changeability of parts. Packer glands can be replaced in the field. RST borehole packers can be combined with integral pumps and pressure transducers. Packer heads can include  sealed passthroughs for instrumentation leads, pump leads, etc.

Specifications for RST packers are included in the table shown. Specifications are for standard models and sizes and are meant as guidelines only. Alternate sizes and materials are available, please consult RST Instruments. RST will custom design and manufacture borehole packers to suit any application or specification.


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