T-200B All Weather Precipitation – Rain Gauge

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe T-200 precipitation – rain gauge was developed more than 25 years ago for all weather precipitation – rain monitoring. It was designed in cooperation with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.  Precipitation can be reported in real-time at any interval to calculate the intensity. The precipitation – rain gauge was is simple to configure for use with automatic data acquisition systems with the option of a 0-5 V or SDI-12 output. The original T-200B has a 600 mm (24 in) capacity and incorporated one vibrating wire sensor.  Geonor now offers 1000 mm (40 in), 1500 mm (60 in), & 3000 mm (120 in) capacity precipitation – rain gauge(s) and the ability to incorporate three sensors as an option. The gauge has a protective housing with a WMO standard 200 cm2 inlet.  The amount of precipitation is measured by using vibrating wire load sensors. The instrument as well as a wind shield is mounted to the pedestal. With the use of antifreeze any solid precipitation is melted in the container. No electrical heating is therefore required, thus eliminating a common source of error. A thin layer of oil is added to impede any evaporation.


  • 1500 MM CAPACITY – There are three versions of the T-200B precipitation – rain gauge:
    T-200B…………600 mm (24 in)
    T-200BM…….1000 mm (40 in)
    T-200BMD…..1500 mm (60 in)
    T-200BHC…..3000 mm (120 in)
  • 1 or 3 SENSOR SYSTEM – The original T-200B precipitation – rain gauge used 1 vibrating wire (vw) sensor to measure the load at one of the three supporting points.  As long as the container is level the load would be evenly distributed.  Although this works very well for some application we offer the option of incorporating 3 vw sensors, this acts as a triple redundant back up making sure precipitation will always be recorded.  It can also be used as an averaging function.
  • WHITE HOUSING – The standard housing for all T-200BMD 1500mm systems is white using a hydrophobic paint. The anodized aluminium and black housing is currently standard on all other models (T-200B & T-200BM).  The original T-200B came with an anodized aluminum housing and black inlet.  The inlet was black to prevent “capping” by using the energy from solar radiation to melt any buildup on the inlet.


The T-200 series precipitation – rain gauges are used world wide by;

  • National weather services
  • Climatic research institutes
  • Hydro power companies
  • Airport authorities
  • Road authorities
  • Agricultural services
  • Avalanche prediction centers
  • Winter sport resorts

Our new 3000mm Capacity T-200BHC Precipitation Gauge




Download Here: t-200b-us-manual-rev-10-10-20150128


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