Equipment Rental

Geonor, Inc - Precision Instrumentation

As many of our customers prefer to rent, we have Instantel vibration and noise monitors available for short and long term rental.  You may download our full equipment rental agreement here, please contact us for further information.




  1. RENTAL PERIOD: Equipment is rented on an open basis and may be returned at any time unless otherwise stated. The rental period shall commence on the date the equipment is shipped from the factory to the Customer (Start Rent Date) and terminated when the equipment is received in return by the factory (End Rent Date).
  1. RENTAL FEE: Geonor Inc. has rental periods of two (2) weeks and one (1) month.  All rental fees are to be paid by credit card. The Customer shall pay Geonor, Inc. monthly during the rental period.  Unless otherwise agreed upon.
  1. SHIPPING, INSTALLATION & RETURN: Shipping will be made as specified by the Customer and at Customer expense and Customer shall reimburse Geonor Inc. for any shipping expenses incurred by Geonor Inc. Unless Customer notifies to the contrary within 72 hours after the receipt of any item of equipment, it shall be conclusively presumed that the Equipment was delivered to the Customer in good operating condition.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Customer shall return the equipment in good operating condition to Geonor Inc., by prepaid shipment.  Unauthorized collect shipments returned to Geonor Inc., shall be invoiced to Customer with 25% additional charges.  Rental equipment must be returned in clean, operable condition with all components.  Repair, cleaning and replacement of lost items will be charged.  Unless otherwise agreed upon.
  1. SERVICE: In the event an item of Equipment does not operate properly, Customer shall notify GEONOR INC and request instructions before taking any remedial action, or before returning it to Geonor Inc.  In the event that any item requires repair or recalibration as a result of accident or Customer unauthorized tampering or repair or negligence, misuse, or abuse of such items, Customer shall bear the entire cost thereof, including any shipping costs.  Unless otherwise agreed upon.
  1. SAFEKEEPING: The Customer is responsible for the safekeeping of all Equipment and shall bear the risk of any loss, theft, damage or destruction of Equipment, and shall ensure each item against such risk or loss for the replacement value of each item and if requested by Geonor Inc. shall provide evidence of such insurance upon Geonor’s option.   Customer shall pay replacement cost of any item, which is lost, stolen or destroyed.  Until an item has been repaired, replaced or the Customer has paid the replacement costs, the rental period shall continue and the Customer shall continue to pay the monthly rental fee.  Any item or non-expendable material not returned to GEONOR will be charged to the Customer at full replacement cost.  All Equipment shall be delivered to Customer with ownership labels.
  1. CALIBRATION: It is the customers responsibility to note the next calibration date. Should the customer keep the units/s in service past the indicated calibration date, upon the next calibration an “As Found As” graph.  The “As Found As” graph will indicate whether the unit was within acceptable perameters when retuned to the factory for calibration.
  1. INSTRUMENTE HANDLING AND CARE: Equipment should be wiped down and cleaned before it is returned. If cleaning is required upon return a service fee of $50 will be applied.